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Directed by Marc Barrat
Production 2019
Genre Film policier
Author and screenwriter Apsita Berthelot-Cissé et Sabine Dabadie
Main performers Philippe Caroit, Nadège Beausson-Diagne, Anne Caillon, Rani Bheemuck, France Zobda, Stany Coppet, Alexis Tiouka, Louis-Karim Nebati, Ricky Tribord, Marielle [...]
Co-producer Be-Films et la R.T.B.F ( télévision belge)

The discovery of the body of Bertrand Thiégo, a brilliant biologist, found slit his throat in Cayenne, led Captain Cassandra MOLBA and his lieutenant Antoine LAGRANGE to investigate a dark story of stolen patents, intrigues against a backdrop of [...]
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Movie Cast
State : Post-Production
Co-producer Be-Films et la R.T.B.F ( télévision belge)
Executive Producer Be-Films et la R.T.B.F ( télévision belge)
Main performers Philippe Caroit
Nadège Beausson-Diagne
Anne Caillon
Rani Bheemuck
France Zobda
Stany Coppet
Alexis Tiouka
Louis-Karim Nebati
Ricky Tribord
Marielle Salmier
Serge Abatucci etc…
Production 2019
Year of release 2019